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Design Challenge
The design challenge for this UX/UI project was to develop a service that would provide a large enough range of user interactions, flows, and design to fully explore how application products move from idea and proposal to development and prototyping. Through this process, I aimed to understand better user experience, user interaction fundamentals, and advanced product design.

Actions Taken
I began the process by looking at what service I could develop that would be robust enough for an entire application product design. Although many delivery services are available to consumers currently, I was curious to know of any that catered to local errands or merged multiple vendors. With that, B2C as an idea was born.
The next step in the development was to sketch out screen flows to better visualize the user journey and all of the application screens and interactions that would be needed. Next, I developed low-fidelity wireframes, and the user experience and flows were further explored and evolved, and later high-fidelity wireframes in design software were created.
Finally, user interactions, branding, and design were added to the application to complete the experience and provide partners with a clear visual and tactical understanding for further design, testing, and development.
The results of creating, designing, and developing the B2C application were that I now understand the process and challenges of UX/UI product creation. Through the creative process, I was able to finalize this project with an application prototype designed and integrated with functionality that would be ready to move to the subsequent phases of testing and development.

Project Lessons Learned
This work-study and design process gave me a much greater understanding of the steps involved in developing a user-centric application product and laying out a user journey strategy. It strengthened my ability to execute a fully functioning prototype ready for the next step to complete development. Not only was the experience beneficial in my continued goal to understand user experience and user interaction better, but it also showed me how much I enjoy thinking through and working on a project of this scope from start to finish. 
Individual Prototype Screen Samples
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